TMS Therapy Clinic Process

The model is currently in place in TMS Erina for TMS therapy allows patients to receive TMS as an outpatient with minimal disruption to their lifestyle.

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A referral from a General Practitioner or Psychiatrist is required to a TMS Erina Psychiatrist requesting TMS treatment as an outpatient.

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Your referral will be reviewed by one of TMS Erina Psychiatrists to determine your suitability based on your clinical inclusion criteria. One of our team will contact you and an appointment will be arranged.

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SESSION 1 – Initial TMS Assessment

A one-hour initial assessment appointment with a Psychiatrist to determine your suitability for TMS will be arranged. Pre-treatment screening, baseline outcome measurements and patient consent will also be obtained. This will be billed via the Doctors’ private practice. Once you have been assessed as a suitable candidate for TMS, you will be listed and booked for TMS.

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SESSION 2 – Resting Motor Threshold

A resting motor threshold is then conducted by a Psychiatrist with specialised training in TMS and this acts as the prescription for the basis of the treatment.

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You will be booked for an acute course of TMS commencing with 20 treatments. Treatment will be administered 5 days/week with our TMS Technician.

Ongoing reviews with your treating/prescribing Psychiatrist. You will be billed by TMS Erina. For applicable appointment fees and rebates please see FEES AND REBATES

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In order to evaluate the outcomes of TMS treatment you will be asked to complete questionnaires on your mental state at the beginning of (pre) treatment and again after two weeks (mid), four weeks (end), and then finally two weeks following completion of (post) treatment that is around 6 weeks after commencing your TMS treatment. The tools we use are internationally recognized so that we can benchmark the information and continue to improve our treatments.