In the evolving landscape of mental health treatments, Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) has emerged as an alternative treatment for depression. TMS Erina are a local leader in the field, as one of the first to offer this revolutionary treatment on the Central Coast.

Representing a targeted approach to mental health care, TMS employs magnetic fields to stimulate specific brain regions associated with mood regulation and depression. This non-invasive procedure distinguishes itself by offering a drug-free and painless alternative for individuals seeking effective solutions beyond traditional treatments.

How TMS Works

TMS, at its core, precisely stimulates nerve cells using an electromagnetic coil placed against the head. By delivering magnetic pulses to the brain’s mood control and depression-related areas, TMS gently resets activity in specific circuits. This nuanced stimulation makes TMS a precise and advanced method for addressing depression symptoms.

TMS stands out as an alternative for those who haven’t found success with conventional treatments like medication or psychotherapy. Unlike medications that impact the entire body, TMS specifically targets brain regions implicated in mood regulation. This focused approach minimises common medication side effects, offering a tailored and well-tolerated intervention.

TMS Therapy Clinic Process

At TMS Erina, the TMS therapy clinic process is designed to allow patients to receive TMS as an outpatient with minimal disruption to their lifestyle.

1. Referral

A referral from a General Practitioner or Psychiatrist to a TMS Erina Psychiatrist is required, requesting TMS treatment as an outpatient.

2. Referral Review

Your referral will be reviewed by one of our Psychiatrists to determine your suitability based on your clinical inclusion criteria. Once reviewed, our team will contact you to arrange an appointment.

3. Session 1: Initial TMS Assessment

A one-hour initial assessment appointment with a Psychiatrist will determine your suitability for TMS. Pre-treatment screening, baseline outcome measurements, and patient consent will be obtained. This session will be billed via the Doctors’ private practice. If deemed suitable for TMS, you will be booked in for treatment.

4. Session 2: Resting Motor Threshold

A resting motor threshold, conducted by a Psychiatrist with specialised training in TMS, acts as the prescription for the basis of the treatment. The resting motor threshold (RMT) refers to the minimum intensity of magnetic stimulation required to evoke a visible muscle twitch or motor response when the subject is at rest. This helps determine the appropriate stimulation intensity for subsequent TMS sessions, ensuring that the treatment is both effective and tailored to the individual’s physiology.

5. Acute Course

You will be booked for an acute course of TMS, comprising 20 treatments administered 5 days a week by our TMS Technician. Ongoing reviews with your treating/prescribing Psychiatrist will occur. Billing will be handled by TMS Erina.

6. Evaluation Of Treatment Outcomes

To evaluate treatment outcomes, you’ll complete questionnaires on your mental state at various stages of treatment. The tools used are internationally recognised, allowing benchmarking of information for continuous improvement.

Bulk Billing Advantage

TMS treatment can be bulk billed, removing financial barriers and making it accessible to a broader audience. Eligible individuals can access this innovative therapy without the financial strain associated with other interventions.
Medicare covers bulk billing for TMS treatment under specific conditions:

  1. Individuals who haven’t undergone TMS treatment previously.
  2. Age requirement – individuals must be over 18.
  3. Having tried two or more antidepressants without success or due to intolerable side effects.

This allows eligible individuals the opportunity to receive innovative therapy without incurring out-of-pocket expenses, promoting equitable access for those seeking effective solutions for depression symptoms.

TMS on the Central Coast

TMS Erina, a trusted provider of TMS treatment, is conveniently located in the heart of the Central Coast region, where mental health difficulties are experienced by almost a quarter of the local population. Our clinic’s accessibility ensures that any individual seeking effective mental health solutions can easily reach us, as we know that cost and availability can be a barrier to those seeking help. The dedicated team at TMS Erina is committed to providing comprehensive and accessible care tailored to the unique needs of each individual.

Interested in TMS as an effective option for managing depression symptoms? Contact our friendly staff to find out more or to schedule an initial assessment.